1. Which country has the highest number of executions: China, Saudi Arabia or Iran?
  2. Complete the name of a New Zealand native bird: the orange-fronted …
  3. Joanna Lumley, Joan Collins, Ben Kingsley and Ian McKellen all appeared in what TV series?
  4. What word can precede metal, sleeper or hand?
  5. In Greek mythology, what effect did the Gorgons have on anyone who looked at them?
  6. What river flows into the sea at Westport?
  7. Which 20th-century governor-general was a former National Party prime minister?
  8. What A-list Hollywood actress is the daughter of the actor Jon Voight?
  9. What popular stage musical was based on the opera Madame Butterfly and set during the Vietnam War?
  10. In which provincial city would you find Arawa, Hinemoa and Tutanekai streets?


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ANSWERS: 1. China; 2. Parakeet; 3. Coronation Street; 4. Heavy; 5. They were turned into stone; 6. The Buller; 7. Sir Keith Holyoake; 8. Angelina Jolie; 9. Miss Saigon; 10. Rotorua.