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Opinion and analysis from Brian Gaynor, Pattrick Smellie, Peter Griffin, David Chaplin and Jehan Casinader and a top-level group of New Zealand experts, including the BusinessDesk editorial team.

ANALYSIS: Another new head for Xero's American dream
Jenny Ruth | Thu, 22 Aug 2019

By Jenny Ruth Aug. 22 (BusinessDesk) - Xero has a fraught history of trying to suss out success in North America with what has sometimes had all the hallmarks of an executive revolving door. The company’s slow progress in the US has also long been a disappointment to analys...

ANALYSIS: Questions over Abano's Australian operations as sales slump continues
Jenny Ruth | Tue, 30 Jul 2019

By Jenny Ruth July 31 (BusinessDesk) - Abano Healthcare continues to do it tough in Australia where, even though it’s the second-largest corporate player, it has less than 2 percent of the market. Its annual sales across the Tasman haven’t grown since 2012 and appear to be...

Should Fletcher Building persist with Australia?
Jenny Ruth | Tue, 23 Jul 2019

By Jenny Ruth July 24 (BusinessDesk) - Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it, goes the famous saying attributed to Winston Churchill and philosopher George Santayana. Fletcher Building’s near $1 billion in construction losses in New Zealand over 18...

COMMENT: RBNZ's key political omission in its bank capital proposals
Jenny Ruth | Wed, 17 Jul 2019

By Jenny Ruth July 18 (BusinessDesk) - Motherhood and apple pie top most people’s lists of things that are unquestionably good. We don’t normally question the cost – many mothers would say, far too much! – but if the pie cost $5, that would look fair enough. But what if...

ANALYSIS: Grand Vista for cinema software expansion
Jenny Ruth | Sun, 23 Jun 2019

By Jenny Ruth June 24 (BusinessDesk) - Vista Group has mightily rewarded investors since its November 2014 float, the share price having risen more than fivefold. And unlike so many technology companies, Vista was already profitable before it listed and has grown revenue at...

ANALYSIS: Vital Healthcare investors face dilemma over management fees
Jenny Ruth | Wed, 12 Jun 2019

By Jenny Ruth June 13 (BusinessDesk) - Vital Healthcare Property Trust’s investors would be well-advised to keep in mind that, as the old adage goes, turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, when they come to vote on the proposed changes to the manager’s fee structure. The manager...

ANALYSIS AND CORRECTION: A tale of ORCs and an under-resourced Reserve Bank
Jenny Ruth | Sun, 09 Jun 2019

By Jenny Ruth June 10 (BusinessDesk) - Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr says the prudential part of his organisation, the part that oversees the banking system, is under-resourced. “We need more resource. We’ve said that very often. That was, in part, one of the outcomes of...

COMMENT: Do regulators need yet another hurry up on disclosure rules?
Paul McBeth | Tue, 14 May 2019

By Jenny Ruth May 15 (BusinessDesk) - Disclosure lies at the heart of New Zealand’s corporate regulatory systems but the regulators themselves have greatly undermined that principle more than once. The beauty of enforced disclosure is that it’s nice and cheap, and a strong...

CORRECT: The story behind the collapse of Allan Hubbard's financial empire
Jenny Ruth | Sun, 05 May 2019

(Corrects details of Humphry Rolleston's sale of his company to Southbury in par 13) By Jenny Ruth May 6 (BusinessDesk) - Government officials wrongly decided after a flying visit to his Timaru headquarters that financier Allan Hubbard had stolen money from Aorangi Securiti...

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